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Technical Information


Subaru Canada, Inc. offers two different technical information experiences through Subaru of America. The manuals contain Canadian and American specific information and are the same ones that Canadian Subaru Dealerships use.

 One section, referred to as "Reference Publications", contains PDF-based Service Manuals and other Service Materials. The other area, called "Diagnostics Service Information", contains an HTML-based version of only our Service Manuals, which allow for easy location of diagnostic Service information via "troubleshooting trees", and offers the integration/searching of Diagnostic Trouble Codes (DTC).

IMPORTANT NOTE: Because the Diagnostics Service Information area is constructed much differently than the Reference Publications area, a subscription is required to enter this area. Once you have access to this area, though, you will have the ability to view all of the diagnostic information contained for every Model Year or Vehicle Line we currently make available. (You can see what Vehicle Lines we currently offer by moving your cursor over the Diagnostics "tab" above, and viewing the resulting menu.)

You may still perform searches in the Reference Publications area without a subscription, but you will need one to view any specific documents.

NOTE: Service Manuals and Reference Publications are only available in English.

How do I find information pertaining to my vehicle?
Information on this site is broken up into Publication Types. There is detailed information pertaining to the search criteria for each publication type on that publication's page. Select the publication type you would like to perform a search for (at the top of the left-hand column) and you will see the instructions appear on the right-hand side of your screen.

Are there charges or limitations to access information on this site?
Yes. The creation of technical information requires time and money. Maintaining a web site with constantly changing/evolving information requires time and money. To assume that information on this web site should be without cost, you would also need to assume that the creation and delivery of the information is without cost, and that is just not the case.

Information on this site is available on a subscription basis. You currently may select one of three subscription periods:

72 Hours (3 days) @ $34.95 USD
30 Days @ $299.95 USD
365 Days (1 year) @ $2499.95 USD

Although all information on this site is available to you when you purchase a subscription, users are limited to access a maximum of 50 PDFs per hour. This will assist Subaru in keeping subscription rates from increasing, as well as allowing better service levels for all users. If a subscribed user attempts to access more than 50 PDFs in one hour, they will be taken to a warning page and will be prohibited from accessing any additional PDFs until the start of the current hour has expired. Browsing and searching on the site may be performed at any time.

This policy may change at any time, without warning or notification to current web site subscribers.

After I printout/download all of the information for my vehicle, why would I need to come back to this web site?
Since the beginning of 2002, Subaru of America released over 3000 pages of corrected Service Manual information. The STIS web site has been set up to not only post alerts to these updates (in the form of Tech Service Bulletins) but also to incorporate these changes into the electronic Service Manual pages that you can view using this system. In this, Subaru has taken on the burden of keeping what you view electronically on STIS as the very latest information available.

Information obtained from any other source than this site cannot be guaranteed to be correct and up-to-date with all of the current changes approved by Subaru.

What is the difference between clicking on an item to "Add to Cart" and clicking on the PDF icon?
The STIS web site lets you access information in essentially two ways: electronically and through more traditional media (paper, VHS Tapes, CD's). When you choose an item to "Add to Cart" you are beginning the process to place an order for the hardcopy version of that publication/document. The item is put into an electronic shopping cart, where, when you are ready to "check out", you can go to view items you intend to purchase.

You would then complete the purchase process by entering in shipping and payment information. In a short amount of time, your publications would show up on your doorstep via UPS.

When you click on the PDF icon, you are requesting to view the electronic, on-screen version of that document. If you already have a subscription to the site, and if you are logged-in, you will be given the option of viewing or downloading that document. If you do not have a subscription, you will be taken to a subscription log-in page where you will be asked to provide contact and payment information.

Why is the information broken up into so many "little" PDFs?
Since our Service Manuals and Owners Manuals are very large, it would be quite cumbersome for individuals with dial-up modem lines - which is still the industry average - to log on and access the technical information they need in a timely fashion. By breaking the manuals into easy to download, smaller sections, and by allowing the web site to act as the table of contents, we've let all users quickly search for information and get the technical documentation they need.

Do I need to fill out all the search boxes on the left of the screen?
No. There are three types of searches you can perform on the site.


Publication Type - Select the publication type you are interested in from the drop down menu at the top of the page. Then read the detailed instructions on the right.


Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) - Here you would type the last 8 digits of your VIN to search for documents pertaining to your specific vehicle.


Literature/Bulletin number - Enter the part number, MSA number, or bulletin code of the publication you are interested in searching for.

How do I narrow down my search?
Most publication types allow you to refine your search using text. You should follow the basic directions found on each publication's description page, and then narrow your search by using specific text.

How much information do I need to know about my vehicle in order to perform a search?
You only need the model year and vehicle line information for some publications. You can narrow your search using other criteria, but they are not required to perform a search.

How do I use a Text Search?
Use this search option when you are looking for a specific word that would appear within a document. The more general the word (example: wheel) the larger the result set you will see.

How do I purchase an entire Service Manual volume set pertaining to my vehicle?
Search using the Service Manual publication type for the year and model line of your vehicle. The resulting set of links on the right will be all of the books pertaining to your vehicle. You will then need to click on each link under the "Add To Cart" heading, which will place the individual items into your shopping cart.

You may find a "set" of Service Manuals that covers both your specific vehicle as well as another, related vehicle in the Vehicle Line. A good example of this is the Legacy and Baja Vehicle Lines, since they share some of the same Service Manuals. If you read the description (the blue "page" icon) for each of the Service Manual books, you will note that they are referred to as "1 of 8", or "3 of 10". This is because the Service Manuals were issued as a complete set - covering all variations of the model line - though to repair a vehicle you would not need the entire set. This most often happens when various engine types are used in vehicles, so you would not see a Service Manual volume on turbo engines listed when performing a search for a non-turbo vehicle, though it is a part of the entire set of Service Manuals for that total Vehicle Line.

What do all those abbreviations mean?
You will see, from time to time, industry-standard abbreviations for some of the search/result items on STIS. Here is a partial list:

4EAT: 4-Speed, Electronic Automatic Transmission
MT5: 5-Speed, Manual Transmission
5AT: 5-Speed, Automatic Transmission
Sport Shift: Automatic Transmission that you can use as you would a Manual Transmission
AWD: All-Wheel Drive
FWD: Front Wheel Drive

After I choose my vehicle parameters, how do I get to the documents I need?
After performing a search, you will see a list of topics that pertain to the criteria you entered for your search. Each topic will have a PDF icon next to it. When you click on the icon, you will be directed to a customer login screen. Click on the new customer button. You will be prompted to enter a User Name and Password. Then you will be taken to a subscription page, where you can sign up for time-based rights to view all of the information contained on this site. Once you have purchased your Subscription, you can click on the icon, which will allow you to view or download a PDF of that document. If you don't have a PDF reader on your computer, you will need to download Adobe Acrobat.

What is a PDF?
PDF (Portable Document Format) is a universal file format that preserves spans, formatting, colors, and graphics of any source document. The files are compact and can be viewed, navigated, and printed by using Adobe Acrobat Reader, which is downloadable for free from the Adobe Web site.

Is there a way I can see what a particular document covers in more detail before I decide to purchase a hard copy or subscription?
From the search results page of certain sections, you will see a blue icon to the right of the topics listed. If you click on the icon, a window will open with a brief description of that item.

Can hardcopy manuals be ordered from this site and shipped all over the world?
Currently, you can order manuals from this site to be shipped to residents of the Continental United States only. For items shipping to other countries, please call "Service Technical Information Company" Help Desk at (866) 428-2278 for availability and shipping quotes.

What should I do if I forget my password?
From the login screen, you will be asked to enter your User name and Password. Click on the Forgot Password image and you will be prompted to enter your User name. Clicking on this link will generate an email, which will be sent to you with your password.

Could my personal or corporate firewall cause problems with accessing the information on this site?
The STIS website uses something called a "http referrer" to ensure that you are logged in, and remain logged in, throughout your visit to the site. This is the ONLY reason we use this information. If you are behind any kind of firewall that blocks your browser from sending the "http referrer" information, you must set the firewall to permit the sending of this "referrer" by your browser to the STIS website.

If you are behind a corporate firewall, you must contact your Network System Administrator and have him permit "http referrers" from your browser to the

Some popular personal firewall products, such as Norton Personal Firewall, are set so that they block the referrer in their "out of the box," default installation. These products must be customized to allow the sending of the "referrer" by your browser. Once these setting are set, you will be able to login.

  1. Norton Personal Firewall for instructions on how to set it to enable the referrer for
  2. Norton Personal Firewall 2003 or Norton Internet Security 2003
    Norton Personal Firewall 2003 or Norton Internet Security 2003 for instructions on how to set it to enable the referrer for

If you are using some other personal firewall product, check your documentation for instructions on how to configure it to enable the "http referrer" for

We would appreciate hearing from you if you are using another personal firewall product and can give us information on how to set the settings for it, so that we may post it here for other STIS customers.

I am not able to login to the system. It is giving me error messages.
There are various scenarios. Please read them all.

  1. You get the error: "Invalid user name or password".

    This can mean various things: a simple typo, CAPS-lock on, incorrect password, incorrect username Or the problem may be specific to your computer or browser - see below.

    If you are using a software firewall such as ZoneAlarm, SygatePF, tinyPF or the Windows XP firewall, try whether temporarily disabling this lets you log in.

    If you used a computer with software firewall such as ZoneAlarm Security Suite which has password encryption capabilities, while registering / subscribing with STIS website and now trying to login from a different computer which does not have the same firewall installed or which has a different setting, try to login from the computer where you took the registration / subscription originally or please phone Crestec Digital customer service at 1-888-255-0280, or Click here to send an email to request for your password reset.

  2. You cannot log in using your preferred browser, but can log in using another, such as Mozilla, Firefox, Netscape 7, or Opera. This is a browser configuration problem, system software problem or spyware infection. You must contact your System Administrator to correct the problem.

I am not able to login and access information from STIS even though I have a valid username and password. It is taking me back to the home page just after I try to login.
This is happening because your session is getting blocked for some reason. You need to allow your session cookies to login and remain logged in, throughout your visit to the site. If you have any software installed on your machine which is blocking the session cookies, modify its setting to allow session cookies.

The following steps can be followed for setting the session cookie on Microsoft Internet Explorer 6.X

On the menu bar click on "Tools" then "Internet Options."

  1. From Internet Options, select the "Security" tab.
  2. Click Custom Level.
  3. Scroll down to "Scripting," make sure "Active Scripting" is set to Enable.
  4. Click "OK."
  5. Click "Yes" or "OK" when asked, "Are sure you wish to change the security settings for this zone."
  6. Click the "Privacy Tab."
  7. Click the "Advanced..." button in the Settings heading.
  8. Check "Override automatic cookie handling."
  9. Click "Accept" under First-part Cookies.
  10. Click "Block" under Third-party Cookies.
  11. Click "Always allow session cookies."
  12. Click "OK."
  13. Click "OK" on the Internet Properties window.
  14. Close all open Internet Explorer windows and then relaunch Internet Explorer.
  15. If you continue to have problems, try restarting your computer and then try again.

How will I be contacted if there is a problem fulfilling my order for publications?
Our primary method to contact you will be the email address you provided. If necessary, we will attempt to reach you via the phone number you entered if one was provided.

Why am I not able to download the full 50 documents per hour. Is the download file limit incorrectly set?
This happens when you right-click on the PDF icon and then save the PDF file. The server is counting it as 2 downloads instead of one. The STIS web site is designed to download the files by LEFT-clicking on the PDF icon ONLY, and then selecting "Open" (recommended) or "Save". If you select "Save" you will need to open that file once it has been downloaded and saved to a location that you specify on your computer. (Please keep in mind that information is constantly modified on the STIS web site, and a PDF file saved to your computer may not contain accurate information in the future, as updates become available.)

Why am I not able to download the PDF files even though I have a valid subscription?
Your user name and password are case sensitive. If you enter it with the wrong case, you will be denied access. If you forget your password, you will be able to retrieve it by entering your user name here. We will send your password to the e-mail address that you provided when initially ordering the subscription.


Subaru Service and Repair information is intended for use by professional technicians ONLY. They are written to inform those technicians of conditions that may occur in some vehicles, or to provide information that could assist in the proper servicing of the vehicle. Properly trained technicians have the equipment, tools, safety instructions, and know-how to do the job correctly and safely.

Subaru Canada, Inc. is “ISO 14001 Compliant”
The International Standard for Excellence in Environmental Management Systems.
Please recycle or dispose of automotive products in a manner that is friendly to our environment and in accordance with all local, provincial and federal laws and regulations.