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FAQs - 2014 Voluntary Recall (Brake Lines)

1. Which vehicles are involved?

- 2005-2009MY Subaru Legacy and Outback

- 2008-2011MY Subaru Impreza (except WRX/STI)

- 2008-2014MY Subaru Impreza WRX/STI

- 2009-2013MY Subaru Forester

2. Why are these vehicles being recalled?

During routine investigations by our Quality Assurance Department in 2011-2013 in salt belt areas, it was found that typical brake line corrosion had progressed beyond what is normally found in Canadian conditions. Depending upon driving conditions, salt may spray up onto exposed areas of steel brake lines. After evaluation it was found that brake lines could perforate after 7 or more seasons of winter.

3. I have a 2012 to 2014 Impreza why is it not being recalled like the WRX/STI?

2012 to 2014 Impreza brake lines were routed differently and not exposed to salt spray.

4. Is my vehicle safe to drive?

Throughout our evaluation and other ongoing reporting systems Subaru has not been made aware of any brake lines corroding to the point of allowing brake fluid to leak. All modern vehicles are built with hydraulically operated brakes through two independent hydraulic systems. If brake fluid were to leak from one of these lines, braking will still be possible.
Subaru Vehicles use a “Diagonal Split Braking System” meaning that there is always at least one front and one rear brake working, this creates a safer system keeping the car balanced even while braking in turns.
a) The driver will initially be alerted to a fault in the brake system via illumination of the brake system warning lamp because the fluid level in one of the braking circuits will drop
b) Failure of either circuit might cause the driver to misjudge the amount of brake pedal travel required to achieve the desired stopping distance
If either of the above situations occur, safely pull over to the side of the road. Contact Subaru Canada Customer Care at 1-800-894-4212 to have your vehicle transported to the closest Subaru dealer. CAA will apply to all customers affected by this recall, not just those covered under the 3 year new model Subaru 360 C.A.R.E. Program.

5. What should you do if you have an affected car?

Subaru will notify you via registered mail if your vehicle is affected giving you precise instructions to follow to make sure your Subaru is diagnosed and safe.

6. Where will the notification letters be sent?

Subaru Canada, Inc. will use the latest information in our database attached to the Vehicle Identification Number of your vehicle. If you are not the original owner and you have not done so, this would be a very good time to go onto our database and update your information with regard to the vehicle you are driving.

7. How do I ensure Subaru Canada has my most recent address?

If you have recently moved or are the second owner, you may update your customer information by visiting your local Subaru dealer or by visiting this link

8. What should I do once I receive a recall notification letter?

Contact your local Dealer to make arrangements for the inspection/repair. If you are unsure of the location of your closest dealer, please use our dealer locator here

9. My 2005 to 2009 Legacy/Outback had a brake line recall completed recently, is my vehicle affected by this recall?

The short answer is yes. The previous recall concentrated on an area identified a few years ago but we have since found another area that may be affected. Please take your Subaru to your Subaru Dealership for diagnosis.

10. What if you have already paid for this repair?

When you receive your recall notification letter, you will be asked to make an appointment with your local Subaru dealer to have the recall repairs completed using genuine Subaru parts. Your Subaru Dealer will also provide instructions for you to request reimbursement if you paid for repairs related to the recall condition previously.

11. When can affected customers reasonably expect to be able to get their car inspected?

Given the number of vehicles involved in this Campaign we will send customer notification in four waves about one month apart starting in July 2014 and starting with the older vehicles involved. If you believe your vehicle is involved and wish to have it inspected prior to receiving notification, please contact your Subaru dealer who will be able to confirm if your vehicle is affected and schedule an appointment.

12. What exactly is the repair? How long will it take?

The recall involves a test and inspection of steel brake lines under the vehicle. If no fault is found with the brake lines a special anti-corrosion coating will be applied. If a leak is detected the brake lines will be replaced at no charge. The anti-corrosion coating will also be applied to the new brake lines.
Because of service scheduling requirements, it is likely that your dealer will need your vehicle longer than the actual service correction time of approximately 90 minutes to be inspected.
If your brake lines are found to require replacement, the dealer may require your vehicle for one day.

13. What if I have to leave my vehicle overnight?

It is actually quite rare for a vehicle to need new brake lines however it your vehicle should need new brake lines it may be necessary for you to leave your vehicle overnight or for a few days until parts can be ordered and received.
If you are unable to make alternate arrangements for transportation, you may be eligible for assistance with the rental of a vehicle for the time your Subaru is in the shop. Please speak to your servicing dealer who will be glad to explain your options.

14. Can I have this recall completed in the United States?

This recall applies to North American Subaru vehicles, so dealer located in the United States can complete this recall for you. Please visit to locate a dealer close to you.

15.Can this recall be completed at my local service center?

Recalls can only be completed at a Subaru Dealer. Our Technicians have been trained to inspect the vehicles and have the necessary materials to complete it. We are also required by Transport Canada to record the date at which the recall has been completed at an authorized Subaru Dealer.

16. Who can I contact if i have further questions?